about the flock

Tyranni Flock is born from contrasts. Raised with acoustic jazz in times of electronic music production, fascinated by catchy melodies and intens improvised solos. These Amsterdam-based musicians build on their own diversity, looking for unity. Where one would fall, other fly without effort. As some birds sing, the tyranni scream.

“#2” is the name of the 6-track album by Amsterdam-based Tyranni Flock. With musicians known for their work in the pop/rock scene (Jett Rebel, Aafke Romeijn) but also within jazz and classical (Martin Fondse, Jong Metropole) it comes with no surprise that this group presents fresh ‘fusion’ music. They see no reason to choose between electronic or acoustic music, synthesizer or woodwind. In this contrast lies unity.

“Strong compositions, innovative and tight, beautiful ensemble-playing and interesting soloists (...) Live a true experience.”  - Co de Kloet (NPO Soul & Jazz/Jazzism)
“With a fusion sound, referring to the jazzrock of the 70’s, that fits today’s time. Hip, groovy, nerdy and very danceable. Genreborders do not apply, neither do cliches."  - Matthilde Löffler (JazzHalo)

The group made quite the impression in 2018, releasing their debut EP and performing for the Dutch Jazz Competition. Their 2019 singles “Ujung Kulon” and “Dreamcatcher” were picked up internationally by a.o. the British Supreme Standards blog of the legendary Love Supreme Festival. With two EPs full of catchy melodies and tight grooves, the screaming birds of Tyranni Flock claim their name.

Band members

Itai Weissman - EWI / Remi J. Edson - flutes / Robert van der Padt - keys / Hidde Roorda - bass / Willem van der Krabben - drums